The first issue of Foreclosure/Disclosure Weekly was distributed to subscribers the week of June 4, 1996. Since then, Tamra Wondrow has led the publication's weekly distribution with timely, accurate reporting of Hillsborough County, Florida courthouse foreclosure and tax deed listings. Foreclosure/Disclosure Weekly features an easy to use reporting format that has been developed over time...

With independent public records research experience dating back 15 years, the Foreclosure/Disclosure Weekly publication is researched, compiled and distributed every week by Tamra Wondrow. The easy to use reporting format of Foreclosure/Disclosure Weekly features:

Lis Pendens

Tax Deed Sale Report

Weeks At A Glance Report

Upcoming Foreclosure Sales

Recent Foreclosures Report

But Foreclosure/Disclosure Weekly is not just about foreclosure sales and tax deed listings. Our service has been built upon some rather simple principles, which we believe provide superior value to you, our customer.

Timeliness - Our report is distributed every week with the most timely information directly from the Hillsborough County courthouse to you.

Accuracy - Our reports are not gathered at chance by "runners". Instead, experienced researchers attain and compile the data to ensure the most accurate information possible. What happens next? Of course...we double check it!

Effectiveness - Our reports are compiled in a format that is effective for our subscribers. We place emphasis on key report factors (i.e. equity) to ensure the information provides all the details you need to make the best decision possible.

We hope that you will find the same value in our publication that so many of our other loyal subscribers do. But, if by chance, we can improve in a way that will assist you better, or if you just have a question - please don't hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you personally! Want to see us in action? Subscribe to next week's publication today!